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HR labor DX is an initiative to improve HR labor operations through IT technology.


Advantages of HR labor DX:

Significantly reduce time and effort, improve work efficiency

In Vietnam, there are still many companies that manage payroll calculations with Excel. In the field of HR management, there are many problems such as “it takes time to collect information necessary for payroll calculation” and “calculation errors are likely to occur as the scale increases”.

By promoting HR labor DX, it becomes possible to centrally manage HR information and cloud the approval process. As a result, it becomes easier to collect and manage HR data. It should also reduce access time and time spent mailing documents and storing data.

Mankichi Software in HR Labor DX

HR Labor DX is the strength of Mankichi Software, including Easy GA. Mankichi Software’s Easy GA is applied to corporate HR management and payroll accounting.

1.HR database


All HR data from the start of work to retirement is centrally stored and managed, so users can quickly check the necessary information at any time.

<For example, information that can be managed and visualized>

  • Personal information such as job title, age, gender, marital status, address, bank account, etc.
  • Staff leave, attendance/exit, joining/retirement timing
  • Staff written apology
  • Salary, salary increase, bonus payment history, etc.

2.HR assessment

Do you have any worries like this when you take up a position in a Vietnamese corporation?

・When did each employee join the company and what achievements did they make?

・Who has been given a salary increase and a bonus?

With Easy GA, it is possible to visualize past HR performance and vacation history in detail, so users can make a commitment to HR evaluation.

3.Job analysis

In order to improve employee skills and labor productivity, many people may not know how to raise wages, pay bonuses, and improve employee skills.

With Easy GA, users can check detailed HR information such as past performance and working hours at the company, so users can perform a rational job analysis.

For example, users can encourage higher-performing employees to get salary increase, improve their own productivity, and increase competition in the work of other employees. Moreover, in many cases, doing the same job for a long time is very boring and therefore labor productivity is low. Changing the employee’s job position will not only create new jobs, but also users can make their employees more educated about other occupations.

By grasping the information of HR affairs, it is possible to use it for efficient human resource education in the future.