Established in February 1994, Asprova Corporation is the first Japanese company dedicated to production planning.

As of July 31, 2023, the company boasts a substantial presence with 2,494 domestic factories and 1,063 foreign factories implementing their solutions. Notably, they hold the leading market share in Japan, per software market statistics from 2013.

Asprova Corporation is also distinguished by its linguistic diversity, offering its services in 15 languages, including Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Thai, Indonesian, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, and French. This signifies the company’s extensive international reach and ability to cater to a global clientele.

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Critical Issues at the Factory!

  1. Deteriorating Performance: We are experiencing late deliveries, excessive overtime, and rising inventory levels.
  2. Inefficient Coordination: Lack of real-time production data hinders effective planning and coordination with the production site.
  3. Excessive Planning Overhead: Current planning processes are overly time-consuming and require unnecessary effort.
  4. Operational Discrepancies: Despite detailed planning incorporating product change times and flow times, frequent errors occur during actual production.
  5. Skill Silos: Project review, evaluation, and planning rely heavily on individual expertise, creating bottlenecks and knowledge gaps.

Features of Asprova APS

ERP linkage system configuration

Asprova APS does not have its database; however, by linking databases from peripheral systems, you can create production schedules based on a variety of data using Asprova APS.

Asprova Production Scheduling System

Production Scheduling

The resource graph gathers and formats data about orders, production, purchases, and inventory in a live, ongoing manner. This information allows for highly accurate recommendations to be made concerning processes or machine utilization.

Asprova Production Scheduling System
Asprova Production Scheduling System

Excel LinkageSystem Configuration

AsprovASP can be used even if production management is performed using Excel without a core system installed. AsprovaAPS allows data mapping not only with databases but also with Excel and CSV files.

Asprova Production Scheduling System

System Advantages

System link

It can be linked with the following systems

Asprova Production Scheduling System