On October 13-14, 2022, at White Palace Pham Van Dong, Ho Chi Minh City, under the direction and support of the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee, the Ho Chi Minh City Information and Communication Department, and the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) hosted the Tech4life exhibition with more than 100 booths, over 60 speakers, thousands of exhibition visits, and over 1500 seminar attendees.

The exhibition includes two seminars: Promotion of the Digital Transformation of Organizations and Businesses and Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry. Here, Mr. Dao Minh Quy, General manager of Solpac VN Co.,Ltd., gave a presentation on Paperless Solutions for Manufacturing.

From the beginning of the manufacturing industry to the present, the management within the factory has evolved significantly. We changed from paper management to Excel management, system operation, and fusion of system operation and DX. There are many advantages to using software instead of paper in management today, but to prove it we need concrete examples.

According to Mr. Quy, any human interaction can lead to errors. In manufacturing, mistakes cost a lot of money. For example, today’s production plan is 1000, but someone missed 1 input, so if not detected early, the previous day’s production plan must be made up for the next day, leading to overproduction. This increases costs such as labor costs, electricity bills, etc. And in quality management, there are cases where there is too much quality management data and it cannot be entered into the system, or inspection items are missing. Also, when a customer complains about the quality of a product, we do not know at what process the product is defective or what kind of error we should reply to the customer. This will damage the company’s reputation.

All manufacturing plants have information on production, raw material inventory management, quality management and finished goods inventory management. The management procedure is Raw material warehouse management => Production management => Finished product management. According to Solpac VN’s solution, all operation about manual entry and printing of these documents will be replaced with using QR code scanners and tablets.

Specifically, when entering the input material warehouse once, all data is digitized into a QR code, and all management operations are performed using the QR code. Also, when entering production results: It is possible to manage in combination with IoT and other technologies, but there are many cases where factories have problems when making products such as the defective rate and the number of defective products, etc. All paperwork with such information should be collected, but sometimes such information is not on the machine (e.g. because human operation is wrong, so the machine cannot recognize it, staffs need to use a different device). In quality management, there are many measuring instruments and it is often difficult to manage them and connect them directly to a specific system. The solution proposed by Solpac VN is to use a tablet and enter all quality information into the tablet.

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Through a practical and concrete investigation of digital transformation in factory quality management, Mr. Quy concluded that digital transformation has the following benefits:

Tangible value (visible value)

Shorter work time, less labor, improved work quality, less work, paperless, cost reduction.

Intangible value (invisible value)

Easy operation; visualization of leadership; easy management, easy staff operation

Productivity: 30% increase, 60% fewer operations, 90% fewer error operations, Fast traceability: Hundreds of times more, happy employees, happy bosses.

Mr. Quy said that currently, the direction of all factories is Fast (data is updated at a very fast speed), Much (data amount and data types are diverse and detailed), Good (data can be aggregated and data management is easy = > increased productivity and product quality), Cheap (reduced operations, time and labor => reduced production costs). Solpac VN is trying to find a solution so that the factory can fully complete this direction. 

Paperless solution description is here!